• On April 27th 2022 the time had come:

    the Opening Night of THE FRAME in Düsseldorf took place.


What a great start in this very special location ...

... together with great partners, colleagues, and guests. Networking at its best - it was a huge pleasure for us!
by DEINspeisesalon. In culinary terms, we celebrated the season of asparagus, wild garlic, young pea and kohlrabi with our summer intro. Smells like spring - tastes like summer. The wonderful illustrations for our Seasons concept were, of course, penned by "the one and only" Thomas Klefisch.

We are looking forward to future events together with spaces mgt GmbH and satis&fy AG!

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Are you curious about this unique place? Space for 2000 people - 2 wide, light halls with a total of 4800 sqm... where visions meet people.

Jutta Landkotsch & Sepp Zimmermann