• Always keen to think outside the box, we’ve developed plenty of fresh concepts for you and your guests. Alongside the excellent quality of our cuisine, we also emphasise decorative and stylish event design. And to get that spirit home to you in MORE THAN A BOX, we’ve come up with a very special look and exciting dishes.


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“MORE THAN A BOX… and totally all-inclusive. The DEINspeisesalon team manages to send caring hospitality out in a box, at an extremely high level. They’ve thought of simply everything, plus extras: ingredients, preparation, packaging, and even a Spotify playlist and a serving order. It’s a package packed with taste, attention and – in my eyes – hospitality. Everything that marks out sophisticated gastronomy: a unique experience, a surprise factor, and an evening you’ll love to remember.”

Eva-Maria Haag
ScaleCommerce GmbH, Berlin

“I worked with DEINspeisesalon in the summer 2021 to create and deliver bespoke pizza kit boxes to my client’s top customers for a product launch. From the beginning, Carina and team were extremely flexible and accommodating. They agreed to send out test kits to our executives based in Dusseldorf in order for my client to quality check their product… and they loved it! The kits were packaged well, the instructions were clear and the food was fresh and delicious. Based on this, we moved forward with the product launch and sent over my client’s branded printed collateral and stickers from the UK to be added to the boxes. We then had the kits sent out to 239 individual address’ across Cologne and Dusseldorf. The kits were well received by the customers and the product launch was very successful. I couldn’t recommend DEINspeisesalon enough!”

Abigail White
Senior Project Manager and Producer | ORANGEDOOR UK

“Tasteful, delicious and full of love... It wasn’t easy to have to cancel our traditional Christmas party in 2020. These caring Christmas boxes made our customers and our entire team happy, and made that dark time with no Christmas markets, baking and being together actually Christmassy again. Many thanks for that moment of happiness.”

Solveig Busler
Management board member | Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH
Version 1


A spontaneous idea straight from the heart or a surprise for your digital (or hybrid) corporate party – we know your team and business partners will be thrilled by this unique token of appreciation, enjoying the experience from unboxing down to the last bite. And a little bit of groove, a little bit of Rock‘n‘Roll is always part of the package with DEINspeisesalon... we promise!

A bespoke box put together to order? Why not… For example, can you imagine coming up with a specific motto or including personal giveaways from your company? We look forward to your ideas, and we’re happy to make suggestions to match your and your recipients’ taste.

Version 2


The perfect culinary companion for your digital AGM or the upcoming kick-off meeting via WFH. All three courses can be prepared simply and easily in mason jars – varying by dish and instructions – which we deliver in the box. We’re bound to match your taste. Plus… you have a choice in advance of carnivore and veggie.

Here’s how your 3-course menu might look...

Bornheim cauliflower | 3 textures | crispy buckwheat | green-pea guacamole | in-house marinated salmon trout or pickled cherries

Tender braised ox cheeks | pickled wild figs | pumpkin & potato puree | vanilla black salsify | toasted pine kernels

MAIN *VEGGIE (optinal)
Baked Jerusalem artichoke | pine-kernel crust | pickled wild figs | pumpkin & potato puree | vanilla black salsify

Basque cheesecake baked in a jar | cinnamon granola | roasted plums


Commitment and conviction with passion is well worth it, and gives so much back. That’s why 5 % of the net price of our boxes goes to fairshare gUG.



We have the honour of using agricultural products from the local region in our kitchen. And it’s just as important to us to choose all the packaging we use very carefully.



As well as our lovingly designed box, we’ve made a conscious decision in favour of ecological hemp-based filling and insulation material. We wanted to get rid of everything sterile, white and squeaky. And since packaging can do more than just get thrown away… our hemp fleece can go into organic waste, but also into your living room or garden. Your pets will be glad of a soft floor covering – your rosebush will be well protected from frost – you could plant cress seeds or herbs on the fleece – or make cushions or toys out of it. With a little imagination, the sky’s the limit.


  • Orders can be placed up to 14 days before delivery
  • Minimum order is 10 boxes per version
  • Free decentral delivery dispatched via UPS EXPRESS (delivered by noon the following day)
  • Highest standard of statutory conditions for food delivery
  • With regard to the cooling chain, defined delivery is possible from Tuesday to Friday
  • Delivery status for the box can be tracked online
  • International delivery on enquiry



Feel free to send us your initial ideas and the basics for your event. We look forward to launching the first planning stage by your side.