• It’s obvious enough – every one of us is responsible for their own behaviour. But in our team, we help each other to take the right path together. Our values put on paper support us in making the right decisions, even in challenging situations. They unite correct actions with our DEINspeisesalon goals and visions.


DEINspeisesalon Value #1


We make the highest demands of ourselves, our products and services. For us, it’s always about the big picture and the small details. We conscientiously select the highest quality ingredients and process them in the very best artisan cooking to absolutely delicious dishes. We design every event with attention to detail and promise our guests to make an event exactly theirs!

DEINspeisesalon Value #2


We feel responsible for shaping our work with regard to economic activities, nature and society in such a way that we not only take, but also give back. We value individuals and resources.


We align our business activities to the basic principles of sustainable economic activities and want to actively shape the future. This is a continual process of improvement, granting the highest priority to implementing it above and beyond minimum legal requirements.


In the value-creation chain, we’re only one step away from the end consumers. That means that as a processing business, we have the entire influence on the rest of the chain – and that brings huge responsibility, which we ought to shoulder. Starting with the production conditions like not using pesticides, to logistics and so on – we can raise our demands everywhere, and insist that they’re met. Everything we do for sustainability becomes obsolete and pointless if we don’t get to the core of the problem. To the point where we’re actually causing the most damage: in the production of our food.


We take responsibility in the local community and attempt to help alleviate injustices: When things got incredibly tough for us and our industry in the spring of 2020, we very quickly recognised there would be great demand for providing certain groups of people with meals on a regional basis, even beyond the pandemic. Based on this enormously heightened awareness, we made the decision to found our own non-profit company by the name of fairshare. A step that the whole team naturally went along with at that time. Since early April 2020, we’ve been supporting the Care 4 Cologne organisation, reliably delivering freshly made meals twice a week to be shared out at Cologne’s central station. Hungry people in need and homeless people are provided with food on the spot.

DEINspeisesalon Value #3


We share our knowledge and work in dialogue on equal terms. We’re always concerned with the matter at hand, and we want to grow both individually and together. In the end, we foster a culture of openness – both inside and outside the company. The same applies to an open culture of admitting mistakes. We value honest communication and feedback – including on sensitive subjects – without fear of negative consequences.

In addition, we report regularly and voluntarily in annual reports and on our website on our social, ecological and economic activities, our goals in this regard and whether they have been achieved or not.

DEINspeisesalon Value #4


We believe in the quality of long-term relationships – in our team, and with our clients and business partners. Our decisions take future consequences into account.

We shape our relationships with the intention of acting with one another in a spirit of trust and at eye level, as well as acting in a binding and obligatory manner. The aim is to create added value for all parties involved.

DEINspeisesalon Value #5


We put ourselves into others’ positions and try to consider our surroundings with regard to human individuals, animals and the environment.

We live out a "We culture" … empathy, empowerment and collaboration – all inclusive! “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person‘s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” – Henry Ford … we could not have said it better!


Last but not least let it be said...

When it comes to really difficult decisions in our team, we always opt for the relationship(s). At best, this attitude is reflected in our partners, who then also show us this appreciation.

  • Incidentally, the values listed here are an essential part of our code of conduct, which we set out in the spring of 2023 and to which we are committed as a team.

    You can find out more about the code of conduct in our PERSPECTIVES 2023 magazine, which you are welcome to download here.