• On 21/03/2022 and 22/03/2022, the DEINspeisesalon crew was on the road for two days in order to collect really-really good inspirations in the matter of "farm to table" in Berlin.

    We had the chance to meet colleagues from gastronomy as well as absolutely enthusiastic producers who are driven by similar or even the same topics as we are.





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Stop no. 1 ...

... was the wonderful Markthalle Neun, where Olivier gave a warm welcome to us and shared great background knowledge about this special place and the philosophy of the Markhalle. Following this, we had the pleasure to meet Yves-Marie from FISH CLUB aka. THE oyster specialist in Berlin. FISH KLUB imports all oysters, fish and seafood directly from France (so without 10-15 intermediate agents). One thing's for sure ... each and every product proves the tight relationship to the sea and the origin as well as the close cooperation with oyster producers and fishermen commited to sustainable fishing practices. A real highlight - besides Yves Marie's super-sympathetic way of taking us into the world of oyster aquaculture on the Atlantic coast - was of course the sensational tasting. What a treat... "Olivier & Yves-Marie, we thank you so much for this very special experience and the time you took for us.“

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Next stop on our tour ...

... was mimi ferments in the former Osram Höfe in Wedding. mimi ferments was founded in 2017 by Markus Shimizu in Berlin. In his store and fermentation lab, he and his team produce koji, miso, shoyu, mirin, natto and tempeh. He pays more than 100% attention to the quality and origin of the raw materials, which preferably come directly from organic farmers in the region. All ingredients - except for rice and sea salt - are from Germany. Another essential "ingredient" has to be mentioned: time! The products of mimi ferments mature over months up to years in wooden or ceramic barrels, so that they reach their full and incomparable taste.“

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After our stops at Markthalle Neun and mimi ferments, we went to the hotel ...

... "the one and only" Michelberger Hotel in Friedrichshain. The Michelberger is a constantly evolving modern family business, a collective experiment - founded by Tom and Nadine Michelberger in 2009. The "Family" also includes, among others, the Michelberger Restaurant, the Michelberger Winebar and their own Michelberger Farm.

About the restaurant: The awesome team around Food Development Chef Andreas Rieger runs a product-focused restaurant with its own regenerative farm at the heart of the Spreewald. The menu is based on the seasonal availability of nature and is created in close cooperation with outstanding local producers. We enjoyed an excellent dinner evening. After an aperitif we received an introduction to the concept of farm and restaurant followed by several courses in a deeply relaxed and familiar atmosphere... starting with homemade bread and snacks, a series of dishes to share, followed by main course & dessert. What a beautiful and delicious evening!

After an incredibly good breakfast at the Michelberger Hotel on Tuesday morning, we went out ...

... into the countryside to the Michelberger Farm in Vetschau-Naundorf. There, we were cordially received by Denise (former multi-talent at the hotel), Jules (former sous chef at the Michelberger restaurant) and Kevin (aka. "The living botanical encyclopedia"), who gave us an introduction to their farm concept and answered all our questions about agroforestry. Located in the Spreewald, in the southeast of Berlin, the farm's goal is the regeneration of agricultural land and the co-creation of a functioning agricultural and holistic ecosystem. Fresh and vital ingredients go directly to the Michelberger restaurant. In spring 2019, the first vegetable beds were planted, which already produced ingredients for the kitchen in the first season. In the course of time, the planning for the agricultural area was professionally elaborated and in the meantime the total 1.5 hectares have been planted with many varieties of fruit and nut trees, shrubs, berries and mother trees. Farm to table at its best!

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Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to all who have given such a open and warm welcome to us during our stay. We had a great time with you & we learned so much!

The DEINspeisesalon crew